The Trumpington Volunteer Service (TVS) covers the Trumpington Ward of Cambridge City council, plus the South Trumpington parish of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

It offers a ‘safety net’ service for non-emergency services getting help to people who do not have family, friends or neighbours nearby who they feel they can ask for help and is particularly useful for people who cannot use or have difficulty using smartphones or the internet.

Volunteers are recruited locally through local RAs, churches, and the website and are supported with protective equipment and advice on how to avoid spreading the coronavirus when they are out and about running errands.

We offer the following support:


People who want help with shopping provide us with their name, address, email and/or phone number. When they need help, they send us a shopping list by email or text and the TVS puts them in contact with a volunteer shopper. They can pay by bank transfer or by cheque, but we try to avoid cash. The BACS uses the ‘TrumpingtonBank’ account that makes sure volunteers will not be out of pocket if they do some shopping and the payment is delayed. 

We have a dedicated mobile phone 07769 210795 to take messages and texts. This is currently held by Jane Reeson, who can also help residents with ‘click&collect’ shopping.

Delivering Prescriptions

We receive requests from the local pharmacists to deliver prescriptions for patients who cannot collect them. Gita Aminpour is now co-ordinating the prescription delivery service, which is triggered by a request from the pharmacist to the TVS, if delivery is known to be a problem.

Dog Walking

We have set up a dog-walking service and Andrew Green is co-ordinating this at present. This works on a type of buddy system between individuals. We provide PPE and Govt/RSPCA guidance to these volunteers.

A Chat On The Phone

We can arrange for phone calls to be made by volunteers to check up regularly, or chat occasionally.

Top-Up Shopping

Thanks to donations from local residents, it is also possible to provide shopping free of charge to households in need of emergency help.

Family Activity Packs

The TVS is co-ordinating a service for households with primary age children who need support in home-schooling and keeping children occupied.

Basic packs of stationery have been assembled using local donations of funds and in kind, plus materials from the City Council Scrapstore. These are augmented with resources suitable for the individual children in the family.

Names and addresses of the families receiving packs are collected from a variety of sources. Follow-up support is planned in the form of puzzle sheets, activity packs, craft materials or school worksheets which can be requested by the family.

Giving Lifts To Urgent Appointments

We offer lifts to people who need to attend medical appointments and make other vital trips in a safe, clean car. We check the vehicle insurance, MOT and rear seat accommodation and make sure that our drivers follow government guidelines to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus. This is essentially a neighbourly arrangement, and we do not offer to pay petrol expenses.

You can get help from the Trumpington Volunteer Service by filling in the form on this website, (if your request is on behalf of someone else, please use this form instead) so that your request can be passed on, or you can contact them direct by phoning or texting 07769 210795 or by emailing the co-ordinator and marking your email TVS Request.