Roxanna (Roxie) Power

General Manager.
Passionate about community, helping others, stage acting and fitness.
General Manager at the Signal Box since May 2017, with a goal of making the Signal Box a vibrant heart of the community.
Originally from Newfoundland, Canada.  Moved to Cambridge in 2013 and really enjoys living here.

In addition to her General Manager role,  Roxanna is a fitness professional, teaches classes at University of Cambridge Sport, Trumpington Sport, and David Lloyd Cambridge. 

Entrepreneur, gamer, philanthropist,part-time elf,  globetrotter and coffee addict. 

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Kevin Mellors

Kevin Mellors

Kevin came to Cambridge in 1986. He was a chef for a couple of years in college. In 1988 Kevin went into nursing till 2006. Kevin was also in the RMAS. He is now semi-retired, and enjoys working for the community. He is The Signal Box cleaner, and most excellent cook.   


Martin Evans

Martin Evans was a schoolteacher, worked in drug education, ran an arts festival, worked in management in the NHS and had his own consultancy.

  • Now retired and is involved in a number of community based projects.
  • Married to Julia, long -time teacher at St Paul’s School and now lay minister at St Paul’s Church.
  • Sings in The Fat Band, a sixties rock and roll outfit and wastes quite a lot of time drawing.
  • Member of St Paul’s Church on Hills Road.
Martin Evans
Glynn Brasington

Glynn Brasington

An Accordia resident for the past 10 years, Glynn became involved with The Signal Box Centre to assist with the business planning and operational set up in 2014. His wife Kim was part of the original volunteer group who provided the vision and enthusiasm for the Community Centre project from its conception.

Glynn is now retired following a business career that took him and his family all over the world.

Before setting off on his travels, Glynn was a scout leader and group scout leader in North Essex.

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Nicky Smith

Nicky Smith

Nicky spends her time teaching meditation to adults and children, works with a charity supporting adults with learning difficulties run a club night and is presently training to be a concious movement dance teacher and is training in body psychotherapy.  She is passionate about community and inclusivity.  Shortly after moving to Cambridge she became a steering group member and helped to set up Transition Cambridge.  She has always enjoyed doing voluntary work and has assisted Cambridge Carbon Footprint, is a core group member for Cambsdance and more recently has helped to put on environmental awareness gatherings.  In her spare time she also runs an alternative book stall at various events, cooks vegan food, writes songs and poetry, enjoys walking in nature and of course cycling! 

Hattie morgan

Hattie Morgan

Harriet moved to Cambridge from London in 2009, and has lived in Accordia since 2012.

She works at the City Council and has two school-aged children.

Interests include social housing and homelessness, community cohesion, data stuff and environmental conservation.

Kathryn Cookson

Biography coming soon.

Picture coming soon


Jon Canessa

Jon Canessa is Assistant Priest at St Paul’s Church, Hills Road and also works as a Chaplain to Homeless People.

Working with his colleague Helen Christy (St Paul’s Community Development Officer) and local residents in the CB1 area,  

Jon’s work is to see meaningful relationships developing in the community In line with St Paul’s ethos, Jon looks to help people make connections with other people, within themselves and with God.

Jon is passionate about social justice issues and music; he frequently goes to gigs and is the only person alive still buying CDs.

Jon Canessa

Janet Newcomb

I’m a happy person who likes to help out in the community and feel a part of it.

Janet Newcomb

Alison Hornsbury

Alison moved to Glenalmond Avenue nearly 9 years ago when the Amber Building was first opened.  The place was a building site for years but there was a real passion among some of us to see it develop into a strong community.  Alison, still hold that vision in hopes that she can continue to work with others who live locally, on this site and in the surrounding area, to help us to make connections with each other.  She is often seen around on her electric wheelchair with her small dog and sometime a grandchild attached.  She is a retired retail and mail order buyer but as she had to stop work early she believed in using her skills in a voluntary capacity.  Alison edited the Newtown News and she is a member of St Paul’s.

Alison x
Alison Hornsbury