The Signal Box Centre can be found at:
Glenalmond Avenue (off Clarendon Rd)

signalbox location

It is on Glenalmond Avenue, but there is no visible street for Glenalmond Avenue. To find it easily, turn off Brooklands Avenue and go down to the end of Clarendon Road, then turn left onto Fitzwilliam Road into Kaleidoscope. The photo on the right is what you'll see as soon as you've turned and The Signal Box is the little square right in the middle of the photo, with the light brown walls and large gray-framed windows with posters on them, framed by the tall pillars of the building in front. The entrance is round on the left side of the building. On street parking is on Clarendon & Shaftesbury Roads plus NCP parking at Clifton Rd. There is plenty of space for cycles near to the Centre.

By Foot or Bike from Cambridge Station: 7 mins walking. Turn left as you come out of Cambridge station and keep on the left side of the road, passing the bus stops. Beyond the bus stops, keep left and pass under the bridge to where the guided bus way begins. You will see a large banner for the Signal Box on the car park fence directly ahead of you. Turn onto the path to your right and in 100 yards you will reach the Signal Box Centre.