Happy News and Stories

Here we would like to share some of the more happy news and stories, so if you have anything that you would like to share, please send it by email to signalboxgm@gmail.com.

Activity Videos

Here are a couple of activity videos we have received.

Kitchen Roll Fun
Anger Catcher

The directions for the Anger Catcher can be downloaded here:

Trumpington Community Drama Group

The Trumpington Community Drama Group has been running for over 7 years and is a well loved and popular community group. There are 30 children members and all have their families are involved in many aspects of the group.

With the Covid-19 isolation we wanted to continue our interaction with the children so they could continue to learn new skills, have fun and ward off the cabin fever the children so fondly refer to as “lockdown”

Twice a week we have an hour’s online session where we catch up, see how everyone is doing, have quizzes and lots of laughter. We started with a Disney Quiz and have plans introduce some Shakespeare, classic stories, characters and texts in an imaginative and unique way. As well as developing their performance skills by doing script read throughs of the show they were currently rehearsing.

The children and young people have been working on 3 songs in their homes sending videos of small parts in which we will put together to create a whole video. One of the most amazing parts of this project is that the children have learnt sign language and have performed one of the songs completely in sign, it is beautiful to watch

Feedback from this communication has been wonderfully supportive, here are a few comments:

“My children feel part of something amazing.”

“It’s creative, confidence building, both my kids love it and seem to get a lot of joy and happiness from it.”

“Thank you! she really loved it and is hungry for this type of contact”

“Thank You. This must be a real change to how you are having to try and work at the moment”