Community Centre
Be: Listened To; Accepted; Respected; Happy.
Bring: Yourself. Build: New Relationships. Celebrate: Life.
Come: Around.   Create: A Busy Happening Place. Discover:
New Experiences; People of All Ages Enjoying Themselves. Drop Inn:
We are Open; For Refreshment; When You Need It. Eat: Cake. Enjoy: The Music.
Experience: Community Activities. Feel: You are Part of the Family. Free Library:
Book Share – Give & Take. Hear: The Sound of Laughter; The Buzz of Conversation;
The Quiet of Concentration. Hire: A well managed, fully functional, conveniently
located & competitively priced venue.   Join: Interesting Groups. Learn: To Dance;
New Skills; To Sing; From Each Other. Make: Friends. Meet: Neighbours. Play: With
Youngsters of All Ages from 0 to 99. Relax: Feel at Home; It’s Clean & Comfortable.
See: Clear Signs of Welcome; Amazing Exhibitions.  Sense: The Warmth of
Belonging; Extraordinary Surroundings. Share: Talents. Smell: The Coffee;
The Fun in the Air. We: Are Here for You.
The Place to be and A place to Be
Book Your Space: