During the COVID-19 crisis, The Signal Box has teamed up with the Trumpington Covid-19 Mutual Aid Network (TCN) and Trumpington Volunteer Service (TVS) to help the vulnerable members of our community.

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The Signal Box

The Signal Box is a new centre for the community in South Newtown.

The centre, located on the ground floor of the Emerald Building in the heart of the Kaleidoscope area just off Brooklands Ave, is within walking distance of more than 2000 residents. Continue Reading

What’s On


Community Centre
Be: Listened To; Accepted; Respected; Happy.
Bring: Yourself. Build: New Relationships. Celebrate: Life.
Come: Around.   Create: A Busy Happening Place. Discover:
New Experiences; People of All Ages Enjoying Themselves. Drop Inn:
We are Open; For Refreshment; When You Need It. Eat: Cake. Enjoy: The Music.
Experience: Community Activities. Feel: You are Part of the Family. Free Library:
Book Share – Give & Take. Hear: The Sound of Laughter; The Buzz of Conversation;
The Quiet of Concentration. Hire: A well managed, fully functional, conveniently
located & competitively priced venue.   Join: Interesting Groups. Learn: To Dance;
New Skills; To Sing; From Each Other. Make: Friends. Meet: Neighbours. Play: With
Youngsters of All Ages from 0 to 99. Relax: Feel at Home; It’s Clean & Comfortable.
See: Clear Signs of Welcome; Amazing Exhibitions.  Sense: The Warmth of
Belonging; Extraordinary Surroundings. Share: Talents. Smell: The Coffee;
The Fun in the Air. We: Are Here for You.
The Place to be and A place to Be
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